Thank you for visiting my site.
     I am Bobby Rico and I’m a knife maker. I forge my own Damascus blades. I also make blades from cable,railroad spikes,saw blades,chain and whatever else might catch my eye. I like taking something that might seem useless to others and turning it into my own piece of functional art.
     All of my knives are completely handmade and of my own design. I make my handles from natural materials such as wood,horn,antler,teeth,bone, ivory,oosik and leather. To me all things from nature are pieces of art unto themselves so, with His permission,I incorporate His art into my art. I hope you like the results.
     So, look around my site and enjoy your visit. If you see something that interests you,give me a call.
                                                                                            Talk to ya later!
                                                                                            Bobby Rico